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April 15, 2023
This time I have some of my older songs released under Mo Stacks used in the Minecraft Pokémon mod Pixelmon wich has over 10k Daily players. I am truly happy to be a part of this projects since I have for some time tried to get music onto games. So I’m very happy about this!

About Mo Stacks:
The music I wrote as Mo Stacks was written over a decade ago for the production music library Epidemic Sound, and all of those tracks has been widely used by 30+ big youtube channels like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, iDubbbz etc.
After a decade break I’ve just started to release new music under Mo Stacks, since it’s a good place to release my hiphop beats, I’ve already released 2 new tracks there and has 1 more coming on 28th April!

About Minecraft Pokémon:

Minecraft Pokémon, often referred to simply as Pixelmon, is a popular mod for the popular sandbox video game Minecraft that adds elements of the Pokemon franchise to the gameplay. Developed by a team of modders, Pixelmon allows players to capture, train, and battle Pokemon in the Minecraft world.

Pixelmon adds a wide variety of Pokemon species to the Minecraft world, including the original generation of Pokemon, as well as later generations from the main Pokemon games. These Pokemon are modeled in 3D and have their own unique abilities, moves, and characteristics, just like in the original Pokemon games. Players can encounter wild Pokemon in the Minecraft world, battle them to weaken them, and then use special Pokeballs to capture them and add them to their collection.

Once captured, Pokemon can be trained by battling other trainers or wild Pokemon to level them up and make them stronger. Players can also heal their Pokemon using items, and can even breed Pokemon to create new, more powerful species. In addition to battling, players can also explore the Minecraft world with their Pokemon, use them to help them in various tasks, and even ride some of the larger Pokemon as mounts.

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