Spotify Canvas

Do you need help creating a stylish Spotify Canvas for your music release? You’ve come to the right place! In addition to music, I also assist many of my artists with creating Canvases and album covers, as well as clips for their social media. I work extensively in Adobe After effects
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Video Production

 I have learned many things through the years and expanded my skills in video production. With my combined knowledge in audio production and composition, I’ve also brought a unique advantage to the table, offering a package that combines great audio and videos…
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Audio Engineer

As an audio engineer, I have been involved in various assignments related to my job as a music producer, and it may seem like I am a bit scattered in my areas of focus. However, the fact is that many music producers today make a living by being versatile and taking on a…
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My Other Services

  1. Audio Restoration
  2. Sound Mixer
  3. Sound Design
  4. Audio Engineer
  5. Mixing Engineer
  6. Mastering Engineer
  7. Audio Advertising
  8. Voice Bank
  9. Game Composer
  10. Youtube Background Music
  11. Theme Music
  12. Musicians For Hire
  13. Cover Design

There will be more information about them soon

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