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As a music producer, I have learned many things through the years and expanded my skills in video production. With my combined knowledge in audio production and composition, I’ve also brought a unique advantage to the table, offering a package that combines great audio and videos.

I have familiarized myself a lot with great software as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere. These tools make me very creative and help me create videos that engages people. With After Effects, I make motion graphics like animated logos, advanced transitions with visual effects. And Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere serve as my go to for all my other video editing and post-production, allowing me to meticulously refine videos, making seamless transitions and polished vids.

I also make professional Spotify Canvases and great video Upscales from HD to 4K (see the form below for pricing)

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A motion graphics designer focuses on creating visually captivating animations in After Effects, effectively conveying messages, enhancing user experience, strengthening brand identity, contributing to storytelling, and presenting various types of information in a visually appealing manner. As a motion graphics designer, I make videos dynamic and visually appealing for users, incorporating animated titles and logos.


Being a video or post-production editor involves structuring and sequencing footage, enhancing visual and auditory elements. This includes aspects such as storytelling, applying transitions and effects, and other technical aspects to create a cohesive and engaging video by working with Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.

Video Production
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Audio Services


Sound design is about creating sound elements that bring a story to life. It involves conceptualizing sound effects and enhancing the overall audiovisual experience.

Collaborating with directors and understanding their vision is crucial, and my job is to tailor the sound atmosphere in the film to specific needs. It’s an incredibly creative task, and I have been working on numerous film projects since around 2015. Visit my landing page to see examples of my work.


Another area I have worked extensively in is sound post-production as a sound mixer, where I balance, enhance, and shape the sound elements to create a cohesive and engaging audiovisual experience. By collaborating with directors and editors, I combine dialogue, sound effects, and music in a coherent manner. Through level adjustments, spatial placement, and utilizing award-winning effects and processors, I add richness to the sound and seamlessly integrate it with visual elements, eliciting desired emotional reactions.


This is the area where I have the most experience; my entire life has been dedicated to creating music in all its forms. Those who know me well know that I truly love making music in all styles. In the realm of film, it’s about evoking emotions, narratives, and concepts through captivating melodies and harmonies. Each composition is unique, with specific moods.

Collaborating with clients who understand my musical preferences can also be an incredibly exciting process, as it allows me to fully immerse myself and tailor the composition to the project’s specific needs.

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Video Services

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