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As an audio engineer, I have been involved in various assignments related to my job as a music producer, and it may seem like I am a bit scattered in my areas of focus. However, the fact is that many music producers today make a living by being versatile and taking on a wide range of assignments and tasks. It is also something that many music producers truly appreciate, as it allows them to constantly broaden their technical knowledge.

Since around 2009, when I started working with music and sound, I have been involved in everything from live performances to radio and film recordings, but of course, most of my work has been related to studio assignments. Below, I will mention my main services as an audio engineer (note that prices vary based on factors such as the client, scope, and prevailing pricing standards):

Studio Audio Engineer

In the studio, a variety of audio engineering services are performed, such as mixing, recording, mastering, restoration, and editing. It is the audio engineer’s role to create the best possible conditions to achieve the highest quality sound. In music production, audio technician services are often included automatically, as it is now necessary for a music producer to be as versatile as possible. Furthermore, music producers are usually interested in audio technology, so it is a successful combination when a music producer also wants to be an audio engineer.

Price: 2000-7000 SEK/Session

Live Audio Engineer

Being a live audio engineer is not fundamentally different from the audio engineer’s role in the studio. The main differences lie in the technology used and the requirements for delivering a great listening experience, which are different in a live setting. However, overall, the goal remains the same: to provide the best possible sound experience to the audience. In fact, many stage audio engineers are also studio engineers on the side. It is, therefore, very suitable that there is a deeper interest in music itself.

Price: 3500-6000 SEK/Day

Event Audio Engineer

At events, some studio-related audio engineering tasks are also performed. However, compared to being an audio engineer for stage performances, working at events requires extra versatility and experience. Working with audio engineer for conferences, larger private parties, and art installations involves different audio setups and a broad knowledge of sound, as well as planning that aligns with the event’s overall schedule.

Price: 5500-8000 SEK/Day

Radio, Live Broadcast, and Podcast Audio Engineer

Radio, live broadcasts, and podcasts are more similar to studio work, where a focus on recording-based audio technology is required, but for the same purpose of keeping the audience engaged. In most cases, the material is pre-recorded, allowing for editing and post-production to ensure that the program sounds good. However, for live radio and streaming broadcasts, it is necessary to know how to set up the audio in advance. Often, additional training and thorough research are required for various media platforms the audio will be distributed through.

Price: on average 500-800 SEK/Hour

Film Audio Engineer

Being a film and commercial audio engineer is also quite similar to studio work. In this role, the focus is on capturing the best possible and cleanest sound for the film. It may sound like anyone can do it, achieve good film sound, but have you ever seen a B-movie? Often, when I receive a film for restoration and sound mixing, those who see the rough cut say that the film is bad simply because the audio plays such a central yet invisible role in the final quality of the result. The quality of the audio mix also often determines whether an actor sounds professional or not. It’s not always the case, but a good audio mix is usually crucial.

Price: on average 500-850 SEK/Hour

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