Volvo CE x toys by Tamiya (2023) | Music Composer

January 25, 2023

As music producer, it’s always fun to be a part of a project that brings together different industries and projects.
As it happened when I was approached to create the soundtrack for this ad featuring Volvo Construction Equipment radio toys by Tamiya and professional padel player Elsa Charlotte Mehner

In the commercial, we see both Elsa and the toy machines in action, and it was my job to create a fitting soundtrack. I wanted to create a soundtrack that would capture the energy and excitement of both Volvo CE machines and toys (like when I composed the music for Volvo x Dickie Toys).

Working with a brand like Volvo is fun, I was as usual able to draw inspiration from Volvo CE’s wide range of innovation projects. I also have never seen padel, which is a sport that apparently is gaining popularity in Sweden.

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