Gemini 2023, award winning short film | Soundtrack & Sound mixing

June 25, 2023

The audio process behind Gemini 2023

It was early this spring when Axel Rydén approached me, seeking a professional audio mix for the film “Gemini.” I was responsible for doing all the dialogue mixing and sound design, I also performed detailed audio restoration to enhance the sound quality in each scene. The result was a sound that was optimized for both cinematic and online viewing. During the mixing process, Axel Rydén also expressed the need for a soundtrack, and luckily, I had a single titled “Nebula” featuring the Australian singer and photo model Isla Noir, which was about to be released.

So I extracted underscoring and stems from the song, so it could be utilized and synchronized throughout the film to establish a thrilling atmosphere. The film was subsequently submitted to festivals and has now received awards, including the Best Actress award and Official Selection award at the Stockholm City Film Festival. This is great news and I am very happy to contribute to this.

“Måns Billner steps in as a gift from above and solves our sound problems with ease! Fast and professional, great collaboration which resulted in a great short film within a couple of days after we got in touch. Great creative ideas and the whole sound mix is great, despite limited conditions and minimal time!”
– Axel Rydén, Director

About the film

In an evening, Julia and Kajsa, two close friends, spent their time in a seaside cabin. One fateful day, an unknown visitor’s boat engine suddenly stopped working, leaving the visitor stranded. As the visitor sought help by Julia and Kajsa, spending the night together, a horrifying event unfolds.

Kajsa … Anna Guldkula
Julia … Michaela Iannelli
Blanka … Sandra Kassman

Directed by Axel Rydén
Writing by Sandra Kassman
Produced by Anna Guldkula, Axel Rydén
Music by Måns Billner, Melissa Riemer
Cinematography by Hampus M Bjorkefelt
Editing by Axel Rydén
Sound Mixing by Måns Billner
Sound Recorder Maria Jones

Song Title


Music by
Måns Billner
Lyrics by
Isla Noir
Project link
Profile picture Måns Billner
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