Street Tunes | Documentary (IDFA Festival) | Audio Mixing

November 11, 2022

For the Street Tunes(2022) Documentary I did the post-audio mixing and mastering. This was a challengeing project, with different challenges in different environments Charlie Petersson did with his iPhone. So post-production was challenging for the post production team, and not the least for Charlie, but it all went well. SVT Play Published Street Tunes nationally in January this year, it also got a smashing 10/10 rating on it’s IMDB. And now it’s also headed for the international documentaries festival IDFA we, the team behind the documentary are now crossing all of our fingers!

About Street Tunes:
A few years ago, the actor Charlie Petersson gave himself a challenge. That he would travel around Europe alone and make a living as a street musician. Here we follow Charlie’s attempt to succeed in the challenge. With the guitar around his neck, the journey goes from his hometown Stockholm to Malmö, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Milan and home again. A fantastic journey filled with music, parties and meetings with audiences and artists on the streets of Europe.

Music by
Marcus C. Nordin
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