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This unique musical adventure is the result of fantastic collaborations and a commitment to enrich your gaming sessions with atmospheric music. The creator of the game, Michael Lundstedt and Paul Alvarado Mendoza (who found me in first place), entrusted me with the task of composing this soundtrack. We have worked closely together to produce this soundtrack over the past 5 months. The album is also a direct result of a successful fundraiser on Gamefound that reached €889,603.00 from 4,825 contributors, where one of the goals of the collection was this album.

The album includes 9 tracks by me, along with a remastered version of the original theme, composed by Lovisa Håkansson. Each song is created to match the different stages of the game, but with that said – the songs can also be used for a variety of other applications, whether you’re playing this board game, another game, or just in need of some epic dinner music.

We have also included authentic medieval harp play by Mia Westlund to bring you closer to the feel of the game, and the last track features Björn Gardner‘s incredible troubadour-like singing and playing.

Just for those who appreciate a physical experience, we are currently exploring the possibility of a limited edition on vinyl – nothing is promised yet, but we hope to be able to share more information about that soon.

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