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Over the years, I have pursued many music paths, one of which has been particularly successful: composing music for YouTube under my artist names Eight Bits, Mo Stacks and Stillness Speak. As a YouTube composer my music has been featured in numerous major YouTube channels, making it highly likely that who has ever watched a YouTube video has probably come across my music some time in their life. While it has been a very challenging task to identify all the channels that use my music, I have managed to compile a list of some of them:


  1. Pewdipie 111M subscribers
  2. Markiplier 34.6M subscribers
  3. The King Of Random 12.5M subscribers
  4. iDubbbzTV 7.61M subscribers
  5. x2Twins 5.98M subscribers
  6. Peter McKinnon 5.86M subscribers
  7. AcademeG 5.43M subscribers
  8. Gronkh 4.94M subscribers
  9. Mr. Kate 3.92M subscribers
  10. GameSprout 3.64M subscribers
  11. Felix von der Laden 3.21M subscribers
  12. ArcadeCloud 2.77M subscribers
  13. Vehicle Virgins 2.25 subscribers
  14. throtl 2.03M subscribers
  15. Michelle Choi 1.92M subscribers
  16. TheStraightPipes 1.62M subscribers
  17. LOCKLEAR 1.51M subscribers
  18. The Leaderboard 1.5M subscribers
  19. La Zona Cero 1.09M Subscribers
  20. Hobby Gaming 664K subscribers
  21. CookieNinja 626K subscribers
  22. PUBG SparkTV Moments 414K subscribers
  23. Dabacabb 407K subscribers
  24. DOLLARplays 404K subscribers
  25. 372K subscribers
  26. Darko Audio 283K subscribers
  27. Method 240K subscribers
  28. Milosz 192K subscribers
  29. Eric Karlsson Bouldering 159K subscribers
  30. Indie Film School 135K subscribers
  31. AnimeEveryday 92.2K Subscribers
  32. LuckyLukeTF2 69.4K subscribers
  33. freeze 67K subscribers
  34. L’Antre du Dingo /Ding’s Lair 55.2K subscribers
Music Producer & Sound Designer, Television Composer
Måns Billner

Music producer and sound designer for advertisements, films, and artist releases. Featuring titles on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and artist projects on Spotify, I am dedicated to high-quality music and audio that creates engagement. Read more.

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111m Subscribers


34,6m Subscribers


5.98m Subscribers


5.43m Subscribers


4.94m Subscribers

Mr. Kate

3.92m Subscribers


3.64m Subscribers

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Latest Netflix ProjectsMusic

Zumbo's just desserts

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing music for "Zumbo's Just Desserts" has been the opportunity to contribute to the fun and playful atmosphere of the show. With making music to enhance the drama and excitement of each challenge.


One of the most rewarding aspects of writing music for "Dag" was the opportunity to contribute to the emotional impact of the series. By using music to accentuate the drama, suspense, and humor of the series, I was able to work closely with the viewer's experience.


Writing music for "Who Killed Sara?" has been a rewarding task. The series is a suspenseful and thrilling murder mystery, and as a composer, I needed to create a musical score that heightened the tension, drama, and emotional impact of the series.

Space Force

I have my compositions in the Netflix series “Space Force” with Steve Carrel in the episode “Mad (Buff) Confidence“. This is a series I really like!
“A four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency — Space Force — ready for lift-off.”

Google Reviews

Ola Angleby
Ola Angleby
Det är mycket trevligt och givande att jobba med Måns. Han är snabb och väldigt musikalisk! Om du har en låt du vill spela in och dessutom utveckla den kan jag verkligen rekommendera Måns!
Axel Rydén
Axel Rydén
Steps in as a gift from above and solves our sound problems with ease! Fast and professional, great collaboration which resulted in a great short film within a couple of days after we got in touch. Great creative ideas and. The whole sound mix is great, despite limited conditions and minimal time!
Moa Englund Flodström
Moa Englund Flodström
Säg vad du vill ha och Måns Billner Musikproduktion löser det. Behöver du hjälp med den kreativa delen löser han det också. Kan förvandla vad som helst till mästerverk. Exceptionell känsla för allt mellan vilka små ljud som kan tänkas behövas i en reklamfilm till den mest episka filmmusik du kan tänka dig. Fläckfri mixning/mastring.
Gift Blessing
Gift Blessing
Snabb och effektiv tjänst med topp kvalitet! Rekomenderar starkt! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
karl lehmann
karl lehmann
Måns har under åren producerat flera av mina låtar men även hjälp till med produktion och kompetensutbildning inom ljudproduktion inom reklam. Måns är ambitiös, snabb och framförallt jävligt bra gehör. Det räcker med att man nynnar en slinga man tänkt på och han plockar ut ackorden på en sekund. Rekommenderar på artister och reklambyråer att anlita Måns!
Charlie Petersson
Charlie Petersson
Erfaren och lyhörd till regi. Kan ta vilket skräpljud som helst och få det att låta magiskt
Signe Wedin
Signe Wedin
Boom! Mycket snyggt jobbat, tusen tack!
Mandy Rich
Mandy Rich
Snabb leverans & proffsigt!

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